Friday, August 21, 2009

D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 3 s 1610.2

Am I just being picky? Or does "Union" need to be capitalized in order to refer to the US? I read this as if the proposed state joins the AFL-CIO.

The contests for the office of U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative may appear, in that order, on a ballot card separate from all other offices, until such time as the proposed state of New Columbia is admitted to the union.

D.C. Code § 38-1905

Yeah, I'd like to see someone try to claim that there are elementary school students who are So Unprepared that they won't even be able to go to trade school. Something tells me that No Child Left Behind would have something to say about this. No worries, it was passed by Congress in 1936 and is on my "PLEASE repeal" list. Along with the law from 1943 about Americanization schools. Really.

The Board of Education is authorized and empowered to establish occupational schools on the elementary school level for pupils not prepared to pursue vocational courses in the trade or vocational schools and also to carry on trade or vocational courses on the senior high school level or in senior high schools.

D.C. Code § 38-1902

I'm recommending that this be repealed, so I'm immortalizing it here. I'm particularly a fan of the idea of being a teacher assigned to instruction in school gardening.

On and after July 1, 1943, the Board of Education is authorized to designate the months in which the 10 salary payments shall be made to teachers assigned to instruction in elementary science and school gardening, and in health, physical education, and playground activities.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

D.C. Code § 1-612.07

Okay, this is just poor drafting:

... (3) The application shall be notarized by the affected employee or the employee acting on the affected employee's behalf.

To clarify: the employee must be a notary?

D.C. Code §§ 38-191, 38-1208.02, and 38-2608

No, workforce preparation and adult literacy are not the same thing. But maybe we can try for a little bit of consistency?

§ 38-191. Department of Education; establishment; authority

(b) The Department of Education shall:
(5) Promote, coordinate, and oversee the enhancement and quality of workforce preparation programs within the State Superintendent of Education Office;

(6) Promote, coordinate, and oversee the enhancement and quality of adult literacy and adult education programs within the State Superintendent of Education Office;

38-1208.02. Establishment of the Office of Vocational Education and Skills Training at the University of the District of Columbia

(b) VEST shall be responsible for the oversight and coordination of all government-sponsored vocational education, adult apprenticeship, and workforce skills training performed by UDC and DCPS.

38-2608. Supervision of adult education program

(a) The OSSE shall be the state agency responsible for supervision of adult education and adult literacy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 20 s 2108

Because I'm a total researcher (see the bottom of the second paragraph), I have this vision of going through the D.C. Code to look at all of the fines, and then make recommendations of how to make them consistent with each other. When I came across this section of D.C. Municipal Regulations while doing actually-work-related research, I copied it for that purpose. But then I noticed some fun didn't-have-an-eagle-eyed-copy-editor text, and felt I needed to share it.

2108.1 Any person who fails to comply with any of the applicable provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be punished as follows:

(a) Any person smoking ... shall, upon conviction, be punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($ 100) nor more than one thousand ($ 1,000) for a first offense; and not less than two hundred dollars ($ 200) nor a* more than one thousand dollars ($ 1,000) for each subsequent offense;

2108.3 Pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 22-1320(c), any person ... shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($ 500) or less than one hundred dollars ($ 100), or imprisoned not more than thirty (30) days, or both, for the first offense.


*I'm going to be nice and assume this was just a typo, maybe even by the fine folks at Lexis, from where I copied this text.

Monday, August 10, 2009

D.C. Code § 38-2931

Military funding?

The District of Columbia Public Schools ("DCPS") shall distribute any TANF or Health and Human Services funds that it receives that are designated for after-school programs, on an equitable basis, to DCPS and Public Charter Schools serving students with after-school programs, that receive funding based on the Uniformed Per Pupil Funding Formula.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

D.C. Code § 38-407

I love the sections of the DC Code that talk about property. They are so... clear.

That parcel of land marked and designated upon the map of the City of Washington as part of lot No. 11, in square No. 141, beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and running thence due south on the west line of said square, 50 feet; thence due east, 30 feet; thence due north, 50 feet; thence due west on the north line of said square, to the point of beginning, and also that piece of land marked and designated upon said map as a public reservation, located between 8th and 9th Streets and K Street and Virginia Avenue Southeast, known as the Anacostia engine house, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, are severally set apart and appropriated for the use of the public schools in the City of Washington, so long as they shall be occupied for that purpose, and no longer.

D.C. Code § 10-305

Mega Rec Center!!

The Mayor shall develop, construct, and implement mega recreation centers in strategic locations throughout the District of Columbia. Such centers shall be spacious enough to accommodate several indoor activities simultaneously and contain state of the art equipment and apparatus.