Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DC Mun Regs tit. 22 s. 8599

What is "affectional preference"?

Harassment: Conduct directed at an employee solely on the basis of his/her affectional preference, age, color, creed...

DC Mun Regs tit. 4 s. 107

What's a "pledge of confidence"?

107.2 The investigator assigned to a case is authorized to administer oaths and require that the statement of a witness shall be under oath or affirmation, without a pledge of confidence.

DC Mun Regs tit. 4 s. 103

This might be okay if any of these positions had existed at all in the last decade... (Okay, I don't actually know when these positions stopped existing; the rules were last updated in 1984.)

103.9 The Director, EEO shall publicize to all District government employees the name and addresses of the Director EEO, the District Government's Women's Program Manager and Hispanic Program Coordinator.

Monday, February 23, 2009

D.C. Code § 32-1508

This really isn't funny, but...

(3) In case of disability partial in character but permanent in quality, the compensation shall be 662/3% of the employee's average weekly wages which shall be in addition to compensation for temporary total disability or temporary partial disability paid in accordance with paragraph (2) or (4) of this subsection respectively, and shall be paid to the employee, as follows:
(A) Arm lost, 312 weeks' compensation;
(B) Leg lost, 288 weeks' compensation;
(C) Hand lost, 244 weeks' compensation;
(D) Foot lost, 205 weeks' compensation;
(E) Eye lost, 160 weeks' compensation;
(F) Thumb lost, 75 weeks' compensation;
(G) First finger lost, 46 weeks' compensation;
(H) Great toe lost, 38 weeks' compensation;
(I) Second finger lost, 30 weeks' compensation;
(J) Third finger lost, 25 weeks' compensation;
(K) Toe other than great toe lost, 16 weeks' compensation;
(L) Fourth finger lost, 15 weeks' compensation;
(M) Compensation for loss of hearing of 1 ear, 52 weeks. Compensation for loss of hearing of both ears, 200 weeks, provided that the Mayor may establish a waiting period, not to exceed 6 months, during which an employee may not file a claim for loss of hearing resulting from nontraumatic causes in his occupational environment until the employee has been away from such environment for such period, and provided further, that nothing in this subparagraph shall limit an employee's right to file a claim for temporary partial disability pursuant to paragraph (5) of this section;
(N) Compensation for loss of more than 1 phalange of a digit shall be the same as for loss of the entire digit. Compensation for loss of the 1st phalange shall be one half of the compensation for loss of the entire digit;
(O) Compensation for an arm or a leg, if amputated at or above the elbow or the knee, shall be the same as for a loss of the arm or leg; but if amputated between the elbow and the wrist or the knee and the ankle, shall be the same as for loss of a hand or foot;
(P) Compensation for loss of binocular vision or for 80% or more of the vision of an eye shall be the same as for loss of the eye;
(Q) Compensation for loss of 2 or more digits, or 1 or more phalanges of 2 or more digits, of a hand or foot, may be proportioned to the loss of use of the hand or foot occasioned thereby, but shall not exceed the compensation for loss of a hand or foot;

Thursday, February 12, 2009

DCMR tit. 5 1644.1

A little something to be updated... (DC has a DMV these days, not a "DPW/Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services")

For certification in driver education, the following shall be required:
(a) A minimum of ninety (90) clock hours of satisfactory experience in the teaching of theory in driver education from an accredited school or in a state approved school or driver training;
(b) A valid motor vehicle operator's license issued by the District of Columbia Department of Public Works/Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services; and
(c) A valid motor vehicle instructor's license issued by the District of Columbia Department of Public Works/Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services. The program content shall include the following:
(1) The use of simulation and automated response systems in driver education;
(2) Principles of safety education;
(3) First Aid and CPR for instructors;
(4) Advanced driver education; and
(5) Safety and traffic education.

R.R.S. Neb. § 42-403

I confess that I went out looking for an old looking law this time around. This section comes immediately after a section that goes out of its way (in 1913-era legalese) to make sure that kids aren't illegitimate even though we don't like marriage customs that don't involve paperwork. And maybe a minister.

Marriages and divorces consummated on or after April 8, 1913, among such Indians, or among their descendants, according to Indian custom, are hereby declared to be unlawful and shall be punished as hereinafter provided.

Monday, February 9, 2009

D.C. Code § 38-408

But definitely not for middle school...

Upon completion of the Roosevelt (Business) High School the building now occupied by the Business High School shall be utilized for senior high and elementary school purposes.

D.C. Code § 38-407

Because it is so clear just what parcels of land this refers to... (This is so old that it doesn't have a Public Law citation. Wow.)

That parcel of land marked and designated upon the map of the City of Washington as part of lot No. 11, in square No. 141, beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and running thence due south on the west line of said square, 50 feet; thence due east, 30 feet; thence due north, 50 feet; thence due west on the north line of said square, to the point of beginning, and also that piece of land marked and designated upon said map as a public reservation, located between 8th and 9th Streets and K Street and Virginia Avenue Southeast, known as the Anacostia engine house, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, are severally set apart and appropriated for the use of the public schools in the City of Washington, so long as they shall be occupied for that purpose, and no longer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

General and Miscellaneous Provisions

I tend to do my legal research using the tables of contents of the laws/regs I'm looking for. So the following isn't terribly helpful:

California Education Code
Title 1. General Education Code Provisions
Division 1. General Education Code Provisions
Part 1. General Provisions
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Article 5. General Provisions, Public Schools
(hmm, noticing a pattern here?)
Part 19. Miscellaneous
Chapter 3. Miscellaneous

Or try DC:

Title 38. Educational Institutions
Subtitle I. Public Education -- Primary and Secondary
Chapter 9. Miscellaneous Provisions
Subtitle XI. Miscellaneous Education Provisions