Tuesday, February 23, 2010

D.C. Code § 50-319

In the "Department of Redundancy Department," we have this law regarding taxicab licensing:

(b) ...The minimum license fee imposed by the Commission pursuant to this subchapter on taxicab companies, associations, or fleets for operating authority shall be not less than $100 per year. [Emphasis mine.]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DC Mun Regs tit 5 s 2405.5(b)

Okay, so sometimes I'm just snarky here, and sometimes I make good points. I try not to be too terribly harsh. But right now I'm going to be, and I think that it is fair, because AT THIS MOMENT I have open on my computer the revision to this section that I am writing.

Disclaimer over.

"Hi, I'm 6 years old and a kid in my class is bullying me. My teacher hasn't stopped it. So I want to complain. But how am I supposed to understand this?"

In order to initiate this procedure, the complaint should contain the following information, to the extent known by the complainant; provided, that the procedure shall be deemed initiated despite the omission of any item or items of information...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

D.C Code § 10-137

Hello circularity...

The Director of the National Park Service and the said Mayor of the District of Columbia are authorized to make all needful rules and regulations for the government and proper care of all the public grounds placed by §§ 6-404, 10-104, 10-106, 10-123, 10-129 and 10-137, under their respective charge and control; and to annex to such rules and regulations such reasonable penalties as will secure their enforcement.

DCMR tit. 17 s 207.2

I wonder how old this is. A fee of one dollar hardly seems worth the trouble...

A temporary permit shall be issued to an applicant who presents evidence of his or her qualifications to work as an electrician, and upon payment of a fee of one dollar ($ 1).

Friday, September 4, 2009

DCMR tit. 7 s 799.1

Hooray for typos! This one has been around since 1980:

Economically disadvantaged- ... (d) A person whose status presents significant barriers to employment such as the following:
(1) A client of a sheltered workship;...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CVIR 17-003-002 s. 111

I'm glad I didn't go to school in the Virgin Islands. I don't look good in pleated skirts.

Girls are to be dressed in fully pleated skirts that touch the knees; front buttoned blouses with sleeves and collars including polo shirts (no frills or ornamentation); dark colored shoes or sneakers.

U.A.C. R277-105-1 (B)

Nothing wrong with this section. I was struck by the phrase "external Absolute" so wanted to share.

"Conscience" means a standard based upon learned experiences, a personal philosophy or system of belief, religious teachings or doctrine, an absolute or external sense of right and wrong which is felt on an individual basis, a belief in an external Absolute, or any combination of the foregoing.