Wednesday, May 27, 2009

P.R. 18-96

In DC, for laws to be effective immediately (that is, prior to review by Congress), there must be an "emergency." This resolution declares an emergency requiring the issuance of warnings to drivers who do not clear ice and snow off their cars. The emergency is as follows:

(b) The District is currently experiencing a winter season with extremely low temperatures resulting in frozen precipitation accumulating on motor vehicles. If those vehicles are not properly cleared of frozen snow or ice prior to operation, the ice may be projected at people and property in public space while the vehicle is moving.
(d) There continues to be immediate potential for frozen precipitation to accumulate
upon vehicles in the District.

But, these "emergency" circumstances have occurred in winters past. Isn't this just a way of saying "we don't care that no one thought enough about this to take action before; we want to take action NOW [golly gee, warnings are very strong action] and that is the emergency"?

I do particularly enjoy the italicized phrases.

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